Harvest Festival

Logroño goes all out to celebrate the Rioja Wine Harvest Festival, known traditionally as the festivities of San Mateo.

The Festivities of San Mateo and the Riojan Harvest originate from the annual markets that were held in the Middle Ages, known as free trade fairs. Historians say its birth dates back to the privilege that Alfonso VI granted Logroño in 1095 to celebrate a weekly fair.

The town is filled with colour and fun in a celebration where wine and grapes take centre stage. Popular tastings, bullfighting shows such as “vaquillas” and “feria taurina”, parades and peñistas, giants and big heads “pasacalles”, puppet shows and Tragantúa, concerts and festivals in the public squares, fireworks contest, religious offerings, artisan markets, jai alai sports are some of the many activities that complete the festive program.

Join us at Bar Rioja where we will be celebrating with the traditional dish of Patatas a la rRojana and of course, a delicious glass (or a few) of Rioja. We’ll a special wine listed for the occasion, pop in and try.