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The Region

Rioja is Spain’s most popular wine region and internationally famous. The province lies in the north of Spain, approximately 120km from west to east and 40km north to south, and just over an hour south of Bilbao. It borders the Basque Country to the north, Navarra to the north east, Aragón to the south east, and Castilla y León to the west and south. It is protected by the Sierra Cantabria mountain range to the north and the Sierra de la Demanda to the south, both of which offer a breath-taking backdrop to this beautiful region.

The Ebro river carves through from its Cantabrian source in the west to its Mediterranean delta in the east and is fed by its seven tributaries. The region is rural with a handful of significant towns and dozens of tiny villages dotting the stunning landscape, and encompasses three zones which from west to east are Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental.


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Beronia winery with a mountains in the bqck ground

Bodegas Beronia

We were founded in 1973 by friends who had a mission to create great wines to complement their culinary creations. Our flagship winery, one of the most sustainable in Europe, is in the La Rioja region of Spain. Our second winery solely dedicated to the production of verdejo is located in Rueda. Over the course of five decades, we have become a multi-award winning, pioneering producer, enjoyed globally by lovers of food and wine alike.

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Vineyard with

Bodegas Ramōn Bilbao

Established in 1924 and based in Haro, Ramón Bilbao has 180 vineyards spread across Rioja. Today, it is the fastest growing winery in the region and has firmly established itself as one of Spain’s most exciting and innovative producers. The jewel of the star-studded range is the Crianza, which holds the spot as the most popular Rioja Crianza in the Spanish on trade. Born and bred in the region, chief winemaker Rodolfo Bastida is a man who likes to push the boundaries and believes the future lies in trial and exploration.

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Sierra Cantabria

Nestled between the foot of the Sierra that gives the winery its name “Sierra Cantabria” at 1200m and the Ebro River at 350m, sits the town San Vicente de la Sonsierra, a town of great winemaking tradition. Sierra Cantabria is a much-lauded family-owned producer who crafts wines of freshness, elegance and poise. Six generations of obsessive attention to detail and deep respect for the land has earned them a loyal following.

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